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Adobe Lightroom 3.0 (Mac/PC)
Adobe Lightroom 3.0 (Mac/PC) by Adobe Systems Inc.
URGENT WARNING ABOUT SPYWARE SOFTWAREYou got funny pop ups? This site doesn't have pop ups - you may have some nasty software on your pc causing you problems

Grisoft antivirus Essential!
Uniblue - winbackup and speedupmypc - free trials of software
Kaspersky Anti virus -
Encrypt - data protection
Firetrust software Benign
Acoustica Software
Explore Anywhere -
Goto My PC
Internet Security & Privacy
Iopus Software
Ispy now software
Magallas Software
My E-trust anti-virus 30 day trial
WS Ftp
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US: Personal budget free ebook


World of Warcraft Dragon Rising

Software for free, without stealing it! If you'd like free software then we've got some great free software listed here.

Free download of Audacity Online Music Player.

Download and install the free software


Free xml editors Free html editors Free email software
Free bug tracking software Free back up software Free toolbars


Derek's Software - have a look - its all free!

Publish gibberish and later on prove you had the right answer.

Utility for Atguard and Norton Internet Security users to insert a list of services to be blocked.

DUN Timer
Fire up the right DUN connection for the time of the day and day of week.

A simple utility for entering a text file into an open Telnet window.

Keep redialling until you get an IP address in (or out of) a particular range.

Directory Grabber
Create an HTML directory list page automatically.

*** RunTime ***
VB5 run-time files plus common OCX's for normal Windows-style programs and Internet use.
Other software
Software for MC2 Audio Ltd
Download the MC2 Software from their site (link above).

SCCF Uploader
Info about the SCCF Uploader.

Other not so free software

HTML to AnyCode Converter -As a web developer, you may need to translate some HTML code to JavaScript, ASP or other scripts. This operation is tedious and usually takes long time. By using this program you can easily convert HTML code to JavaScript, ASP, PHP, JSP and Perl format, saving your precious time!

PopUp Sweeper is an award-winning PopUp Killer. It will enable you to close those annoying pop-up windows and enhance your Web surfing experience! There is no need to configure the program and you won't need to learn how to use it. Simply download and launch it.

PopUp Sweeper includes an IE Toolbox which is an extremely useful tool for customising your Internet Explorer. Powerful popup killer makes surfing the web less stressful and annoying.


ReaOptimizer is a powerful tool for optimizing GIF images.It can makes your web page load faster,save your server bandwidth charges and disk space!

By using ReaOptimizer you can:

  1. Reduce the size of GIF images by up to 70%!
  2. Increase the speed of your website.
  3. Save your server disk space.
  4. Reduce server bandwidth charges
  5. Help your visitors to save time and money.

Ultra GIF Optimizer is a powerful tool for optimizing GIF images.It can makes your web page load faster,save your server bandwidth charges and disk space!

By using Ultra GIF Optimizer you can:
Reduce the size of GIF images by up to 70%!
Increase the speed of your website.
Save your server disk space.
Reduce server bandwidth charges
Help your visitors to save time and money.

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